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The Isle of Lewis is one of the islands of the Western Isles (Outer Hebrides) archipelago, 73 miles off the North West of Scotland out in the Atlantic Ocean. 

Stornoway is a harbour town, with a population of more than 6000, it is the largest town in the Western Isles and rich in natural and historical heritage.

Most visitors to the Isle of Lewis come to see the Callanish standing stones. They were raised over 4000 years ago, the main Callanish Stone Circle is second in terms of importance only to Stonehenge and it is older. The stones are Lewisian gneiss. They are set in a cross shape with of a central circle of 13 tall stones. There are several other standing stone circles in the nearby. Lewisian gneiss, is estimated at 2900 million years old, and is some of the oldest rock in the world.

Much of Lewis is covered by a blanket of peat. In summer local people can still be seen cutting the peat for their winter fires. The Gaelic name for Lewis is Leodhas which means marsh. Gaelic is spoken alongside English.

Other local places of historical interest are the Garenin Blackhouse village and the Carloway Broch.

There are stunning sandy beaches only a 10 minute drive away, they are bordered by machair dunelands that in summer are covered in wildflowers and abundant with birdlife. The islands hold breeding bird populations of international importance, including Eagles and Phalarope.

The beaches are nestled along the rugged coastline of a landscape that is well worth exploring. Lewis is a fairly flat island, and is great for walking, cycling and pony-trekking, but there are lots of other activities in the area to try like sailing, or boat-trips to see the more inaccessible wildlife, or playing golf, surfing and power-kiting.

 In the summer there are many special events held on Lewis, like the Hebridean Music Festival, Sail Hebrides Festival, the Highland Games, and each regional area of Lewis holds a it's own Agricultural show or Gala.

The islands offer a great escape from the hectic whirl of modern life, but in Stornoway, you will find restaurants, an Arts Centre, a wide range of shops including supermarkets, a museum, a sports centre with an Olympic size pool and an 18 hole golf course all of which are distinctively Hebridean.

Fernlea Guest House is situated on the tree-lined Matheson Road and is within 500 metres of the ferry terminal. It is also a mere five minute drive from the airport. In addition, Fernlea is within yards of both the Western Isles Council buildings, the Nicolson Institute and the Sports Centre. The town centre is less than a five minutes walk away.

There are several good restaurants and hotels across the island where you can enjoy great local food and often get a taste of traditional Scottish music.